This program serves children 2.5 years to 5 years of age. Potty training is available in the younger classes for those children showing signs of readiness. Our preschool programs emphasize kindergarten readiness through developmentally appropriate curriculum allowing children to develop at their own pace. The classes are grouped by social and developmental levels. Each child is placed in the group that will best meet his or her needs. The preschool program is structured to ease a child from a home environment to a school environment.

Meet The Preschool Teachers


Ms. Heather

I moved to San Diego about 6 years ago to work at La Mesa/Spring Valley School District. While there I got a job initially as an intern at a child development center for the Navy. I received 2 promotions in the 3 1/2 years I worked for them. Now I am at the wonderful Bay Park Early Learning Center. In 2012 I received my associates Degree in Child Development and currently working on my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education at Sacramento State University. I enjoy working with children and look forward to the future of having my own children with my husband.

Ms. Jill

I have earned my BA in child development from the Point Loma Nazarene College. I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach the pre-K class at Bay Park Early Learning Center since 1992. The philosophy of my classroom can be summed up in this poem:

We believe that learning is lifetime adventure. We believe in facing each day with minds open to knowledge and hearts open to love. We believe in the freedom to wonder to ask, to explore, to imagine, and to create. We believe that success means doing our best, being our best, and feeling proud of our effort. we believe that every one of us has special talents, and that the talents of each of us hellp all of us. We believe in ourselves, in each other, and in the classroom.

Ms. Gabby

My name is Gabriela Meza. I was born in Los Angeles Ca., a native of San Diego. I'm currently enrolled in SDSU majoring in Early Child Development to earn my Bachelor Degree. I have been working with children for over 34 years. I have two beautiful daughters. I'm happy to say my eldest daughter earned a bachelor degree also in Early Child Development in 2015, and my youngest daughter is currently working in an after-school program as an activity leader in an elementary school. I started out as a nanny right out of high school to care for a disable child, age 8. I worked as a nanny for 5 years, because I discovered my love to nourish a child's need by providing the best care and attention. Since then I have been passionately involved working with children. I also worked as a teacher's aide in elementary school and was offered the opportunity to help students reach their reading and writing grade level. I then moved to Texas 2009, and for the first time I began to work with preschoolers. My experience working with "Little People" toddlers was absolutely amazing! I'm excited to remain in the field and blessed to be part of their awesome world. As a teacher I believe each child is a unique individual and so each child learns in a different way. I'm looking forward to being a part of your child's fun-filled education and excited to meet with their families as well.

Ms. Laura

I am an East Coast native who's been working in Early Childhood education since 2006. Early experiences with children ranged from being a preschool aid, infant/toddler teacher, summer camp counselor, youth recreation site supervisor, elementary school outreach coordinator, babysitter, and proud big sister. Since moving to San Diego in the Fall of 2011 to pursue a Bachelor's degree from the University of California, San Diego, I have expanded my cultural perspective of education by participating in, and leading, service learning trips abroad that have dealt with the social justice issues of education sustainability and accessibility. Upon leaving UCSD in spring of last year with dual degrees in interdisciplinary education studies and theatre, I sought out a new community to teach and grow with. I was lucky to find just that in Bay Park Early Learning Center. I am excited to embark on this new chapter within the ever-growing field of child development, and explore and grow with the young minds and hearts of BPELC.

Ms. Adriana

My name is Adriana and I have been in the child development field since a junior in high school. I started working with children through my community service hours at a home daycare. I continued through the summer working on the center's menu and developing lesson plans for the children. Since then I found child development to be my passion and the right fit for my future. I started to work as a substitute teacher BPELC and was hired on as a full time teacher. I'm currently in school to finish my degree all the while as I'm teaching the children they are teaching me what life is all about.

Ms. Julie

My name is Julieta Ramirez. I had a clear vision for my future as a cosmetologist but after taking a couple of elective classes in early childhood development I knew this was the field for me. I completed my early childhood development classes and obtained my first job in October 2012. I started part time and ended up as a lead teacher for 3-5 year olds. Eventually, my heart was telling me to continue with my journey and I am pleased to have been guided to Bay Park Early Learning Center, which I happen to start in October 2013. I'm working my way up with training (PITC program) and getting enrolled in more child development classes.